Excerpt taken from ELEFTEROTIPIA National Newspaper

Athens, October 1999

A Big Acquaintance with the Panorama ...this explains why at the end of the film at the Pallas theater, everybody clapped thrillingly both for the film and the musical accompaniment that was on the stage. The spectator felt happiness. The young musician Minos Matsas played and immense role in the night`s success. His cinematographic music was accompanied by a five member live orchestra, and conducted by Marcos Tsetsos. Minos Matsas` music does not only underline the film, but instead plays a huge role in the powerful effect the film has on it`s audience. The composer takes the film into his hands and musically analyses it, taking every glance of each actor, he takes his smile and anxiety and the breath of the film becomes his own breath. Finally, his cinematographic musicality gave the 1929 film, new days, new shades.