from ETHNOS National Newspaper

Athens, March 2000

Minos Matsas, Love is an Elephant "Love is an Elephant" is the title of the new film directed by Stratos Gigis currently in theaters across the nation. The music for the film, written by Minos Matsas is meant to accompany the modern day comedy about attitudes regarding matters of the heart in contemporary Athens. The composer once again manages to win us over and proves once more that music does not just accompany the film, but rather sets the tone for the collaboration. A brilliant soundtrack. A must buy! from METRO Magazine Athens, March 2000 Minos Matsas - Love is an Elephant (sony) Splendid! The director of the film "Love is an Elephant", Stratos Gigis found everything he was looking for in the music of Minos Matsas. Matsas had worked with the medium of film before and had extended experience in song writing. Gigis was enthused, and commissioned Matsas to write the music for his film. He proved to be a godsend as his music fit the film perfectly. Matsas sensitivity and superb choice in artists created the ideal atmosphere for a successful album. Splendid!