from ELEFTHERI ORA National Newspaper

Athens, October 27, 1997

The Magician of Our Town, Minos Matsas Noteworthy singers, well liked lyricists, and an exceptionally talented young composer, leave no doubt that the result of this undertaking will be nothing less than perfect. A group of distinguished artists joined together to sing along to the melodies of Minos Matsas, leaving all individual styles aside to enhance the beauty of the group project. from VRADINI National Newspaper Athens, January 4, 1998 A Magician On Top of Our Town Minos Matsas` melodies were first heard four years ago when he wrote four songs for G. Dalarasos album “Kalos Tous“, and latter released his first complete album "1000 & 1 Nights ... again". His new release, "The magician of our Town" is of particular interest as it is a written for various artists, and includes lyrics by several lyricists and the composer himself. The compositions deserve the highest recognition as they not only, meritoriously represent modern day artistic song, but also manage to captivate the audience in the most magical way. Furthermore, Matsas invites his listener to depart on their own adventure, using his score as their map. Finally, this work is one reminiscent of other times, when composers did not specifically write for one particular artist and could explore the joys of experimentation with several voices, just as the artists could explore with the composer which song best suits him or her. This is what occurs in "The Magician of Our Town" and proves to be part of its success. In the fourteen songs, Mr. Matsas appears to move with agility and confidence though many varied and diverse musical paths without risking the slightest scathe to the integrity of the whole work.