excerpt taken from "DOWNTOWN" MAGAZINE

Athens, January 1999

Minos Matsas - Nana Nikolaou Return to innocence! Return to a never ending state of adolescence and to the sounds of a forgotten childhood that Minos Matsas brings to life using the sweetest melodies and the most dramatic rhythms. How else could the composer have written a work for our eternal hero Peter Pan? The production will be performed by "thiasos 81" at the Rialto theater. Sensitive & playful are the adjectives that best describe the lyrics by Nanas Nikolaou, and the participation of Athena Morali in two songs. excerpt from ATHNAIKH National Newspaper Athens 01/18/99 Music Meant for a Fairy tale A trip to a lost childhood, where fantasy finds shelter in the far away land of dreams and becomes a reality using music as its compass. Peter Pan, the musical will be performed this winter by the "thiasos" theater company at the Rialto theater and is embellished by the mystical music commissioned for the production composed by Minos Matsas. The music from the production is currently available on cd and invites people of all ages to travel to far away lands where fantasy becomes reality. Minos` music matches the sensitive and dynamic nature of the heroes in the legendary story with the talent and love offered by the participants in the performance. The lyrics to his songs are written by Nana Nikolaou, who also arranged for the piece to be performed in Greek . The songs are performed by the actors of the theater company with the participation of Athena Moralis in three songs. excerpt taken from ELEFTEROTIPIA National Newspaper Athens, December 1998 A trip to a childhood lost A trip to a childhood lost, to a far away land of dreams. Our destination: Never Never Land, Peter Pan and the magical sounds of Minos Matsas. The composer was commissioned to write the music for Peter Pan starring the much loved hero of Jims, Matthew Bari, who will perform this winter at the Rialto Theater. The lyrics for the songs(already available on cd) were written by Nana Nikolaou, who also theatrically transformed the piece from English to Greek. The songs are performed by the actors, with the participation of Athena Moralis in Goodnight, Life as a fairy tail & Finale. Music reminicent of the sensitive and dynamic nature of a time past and a hope lost.