Excerpt taken from "The New York Times"

Thursday, May 22 2003 Heralding Olympiad With Arts Of Greece

"All Around Is Light," produced by the Cultural Olympiad, founded by the International Olympic Committee, Unesco and the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, looks toward the return of the Olympic Games to Athens, its birthplace, next year. Costa Gavras`s film "Parthenon," set to music by Minos Matsas, looked to the past with a quick history of that august monument, from its creation through what some see as the depredations of Lord Elgin and his cohorts. (In his curtain call, the filmmaker dryly explained a glitch in the screening by saying, "The projectionist is English.") The selection of artists seemed perfect, though the program, nearly four hours long, was a little too generous with their talents. There were many traditional and contemporary songs performed by George Dalaras, an evocative singer who was also the genial master of ceremonies. Savina Yannatou`s dark, sweet voice suggested the glimmer of the first star at dusk. Lydia Koniordou, who played the title role in "Antigone" recently at City Center, made soul stirring sense of well staged selections from Euripides, Sophocles and Lord Byron, in a lead cast completed by Melina Aslanidou. The chorus of lively children was a particular pleasure, as was the murmur of song that rose up from the audience at times, most movingly in "The Crazy Boat." Set to music by Demetris Lagios with lyrics by the Nobel laureate Odysseas Elytis, the song celebrates enduring Greece with the stubborn, wry affection that permeated "All Around Is Light.